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Máster UIC - Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes

La Universidad Internacional de Catalunya vuelve a lanzar su 
Máster en 'Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes'.  El curso 2013-2014 se centrará en la temática: 'BARCELONA, RETHINKING SUBURBIA'. 
Aquí os dejamos el póster y la carta de presentación que nos han enviado para su difusión. Os invitamos a entrar en su blog para descubrir su programa y objetivos.


I am contacting you on behalf of a new official master’s program in urbanism at the Esarq School of Architecture at the International University of Catalonia  (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain, which may be of particular interest to your community. The program, which focuses on the regeneration of urban sprawl and informal settlements, and the preservation of cultural landscapes, embraces a unique approach that encompasses practices from urban design to landscape architecture, working at a scale between neighborhood and region. 

The Master in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes is a studio based program which offers a regenerating methodology for complex contemporary landscapes. The program encompasses the regional scale to the community scale of intervention. It offers the uniqueness of the Architecture practice in Barcelona, in which Architects are responsible for the design and planning of neighborhoods, cities and regions. This singularity generates a design based methodology applied to the built and natural environment. It has also developed a project based planning practice which has led to Barcelona’s well known urban transformations.

Our teaching and research interests have enriched this project-led community-regional perspective with a necessary interdisciplinary approach to create a holistic regeneration methodology for complex contemporary landscapes.  Ecological processes, social-cultural enhancement, preservation, economics and public health are incorporated as inputs in order to create regenerating proposals.

If you think our program may be of interest to your students, we would be happy for you to pass on information about the course, which you can find at the master's blog,, the university website,, or by following us on Facebook and on Twitter .

Many thanks,

Mariano Pérez
Communications officer 
Master in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes
Barcelona, Spain

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